Italian Passion Continues...

Founded in 2007 by husband and wife Carmine and Sarah Vella, Vella Pasta makes a variety of pastas including ravioli, tortellini, gnocchi, lasagne, cannelloni and fresh pasta sauces.

Vella Pasta is made in Adelaide using quality ingredients and authentic Italian methods.

All products are packed carefully to make fresh and delicious pasta easy.

Vella Pasta has a rich, golden colour and its coarse texture absorbs sauce to bring together the flavours on your plate.

Vella Pasta has a low GI, making it the ideal choice for those seeking healthy, satisfying and economical foods.

Made for you the way the Vella family has made it for generations, once you’ve tried it you’ll want it in your kitchen for years to come.

Welcome to the family.

Shop online or visit us at our factory outlet in Campbelltown where products can be purchased fresh and frozen or find us in your local supermarket.


Vella Pasta

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